JSON2Swift Crack 1.11

JSON2Swift Crack 1.11


JSON2Swift Crack 1.11

JSON2Swift Crack

JSON2Swift Crack 1.11 – is a rule generator which generates Swift that is modern 3 of models from JSON. Simple simpleIt is straightforward and simple to utilize. The minimum needed input is a JSON text(or URL) and the name that is correct o the model. It additionally provides full support for modification. By utilizing it, it produces a huge selection of lines rule, helping you save tens of hours for each and every task.


  • Genuine time generation, generate Swift 3 code while you are typing or modifying
  • Load JSON from URL
  • Record all dull things and attributes in the JSON
  • Disable a property to exclude it within the struct/class
  • Options to make object that is class that is generated struct
  • Modify objects name and features name
  • Optionally give a value that is standard
  • Options to declare property using “var” or “let.”
  • Optionally to make property value that is optional
  • Optionally to produce home private
  • Optionally to convert “Int” value to “Date” kind
  • Generate Swift 3 file with code file header that is template
  • Generate four initializers and support NSCoding optionally
  • All struct/class conform to a protocol to aid functions with generic kind
  • Output as files ready to use

What’s New

Version 1.11:

  • Handle a situation where JSON keys contain characters that are unique. Now for an integral “/path+123$”, the property that is produced would be “path123”. Any thing perhaps not match “[a-zA-Z0-9_]” will be removed
  • Fix a pressing issue which causes crash on MacOS 10.11


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later on

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