Seafile 6.0.6 Download Free (Windows + Mac) [2017]

Seafile 6.0.6 Download Free (Windows + Mac) [2017]

Seafile 6.0.6 Download Free (Windows + Mac) [2017]

Seafile 6.0.6 Download:

Seafile Download is a computer software system that is file-hosting. Files are stored on a host that is central may be synchronized with pcs and mobile devices through apps. Data on the Seafile host may also straight be accessed via the host’s web program. Seafile’s functionality resembles another data that is accessible services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Seafile 6.0.6 For Windows:

The difference that is main Seafile and Dropbox/Google Drive is the fact that Seafile is a self-hosted file sharing solution for private cloud applications. In personal clouds, storage client and space connection limitations are determined solely by the users’ very own infrastructure and settings as opposed to the terms and conditions of the cloud solution provider. Furthermore, businesses, whose information privacy policies bar them from making use of cloud that is public can draw on Seafile to create a file sharing system of their own.

Features Of Seafile 6.0.6:

Seafile server 6.0.6 is now out of beta and production prepared! This version that is latest comes with numerous improvements, such as a complete display web UI, Seafile Drive client support, file comments.

  • A screen that is full Web UI
  • Collabora Online (LibreOffice Online) integration
  • Role-based authorization control
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Remote wipe

Seafile 6.0.6 For Mac:

You do not need to do minus the convenience that is usual. As with all the competition, Seafile produces a folder that is local your personal computer. All files you shop listed here are encrypted in the cloud and are therefore also available on other computers. You can find additionally consumers for Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

You’ll take to the service with no charge at . 1 GB of online storage you obtain, 100 costs that are GByte ten, 500 GB month-to-month 50 dollars if you’d like to truly save the center.

Seafile normally interesting for teams. Comment and features which are modifying messaging, activity notifications and version management allow online collaborations.

The download offered here includes the Windows client, which is easiest to make use of with Seacloud. You shall find server computer software for Linux, Windows as well as the Raspberry Pi on the developer’s website in the event that you decide to have your personal host

The Seafile client application is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Additionally, as well as making use of Seafile customers, you also can access your files and data stored in Seafile servers using an Internet interface.

Seafile 6.0.6 Download Free (Windows + Mac) [2017]

Seafile 6.0.6 Download Free is quite flexible in letting you produce libraries, where you can upload and arrange your different types of files. You can sync each collection individually if you intend to. In fact, Seafile additionally comes with full variation control system.


Seafile 6.0.6 Download Free (Windows + Mac) [2017] is an answer that is secure your information storage issues. The customer part encryption guarantees a fixed and cloud storage space system that is robust. File encryption is done on the client side, and any passwords aren’t provided for the server.

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